Guys seriously, I don’t have that much in the means of fashion..

Its better than sweat pants.


Guys seriously, I don’t have that much in the means of fashion..

Its better than sweat pants.

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So I said I was going to bed.


I lied.
I’m going to rewatch Young Justice and try to convince myself I may one day see episode ten.

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{ aha mom is kicking me off because i have to clean the house, bbl }


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{ Wally’s face when Tumblr Prom and HE(i) FORGOT. }


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thebirdwonder-deactivated201208 asked "{ SO basically.

Chan was created. Once the technology was found, they made newer models, and Chan was quickly forgotten.
Until he was like "fuq da police" and eventually just waltzed out like bitch please. However, after they kinda cranked out an army of lower-intelligence 'bots, with no skin, just robots with muscle and metal and guns, they were like "Hey let's make actual human-like droids." And they got a bit too smart for their own good. Chan sees that. The scientists don't.
So they go after him, right? They're like "Dude you totally broke out get in here you're dangerous" and then the bots are like too smart to follow orders (Like a teenager rebelling when they think that they know better) so they're like "Dis bitch is dangerous lets kill him" when they're supposed to just capture him and bring him back.
So he kills the droids first.
Which makes the scientists think that he's just a killer, destroying everything in his way.
So it's basically just a lack of communication.
So each time, they send bigger bots, better droids, better things to stop him, and he just destroys them, and keeps on chuggin' like the absolute freight train that he is. He's like that train that was in the Crazy Eights incident in Ohio. Kept on burnin' until they chased it down and finally stopped it themselves.
Although Chan CAN'T STOP WON'T STOP.
So the scientists are basically out to get him, and they are all part of one huge corporation, sendin' shit after him like there's no tomorrow.

Basically, that's it, in a stupidly-written way. ADDING MORE LATER OR SOMETHING IDK }"


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{ Thank you.

You know its beautiful.

And the truth. }

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I miss this guys so much u.u

Reblogging for Spider-Man’s expression

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